Exercise and Weight-loss

So I’ve signed up to do the Ring of Kerry cycle. It’s a charity cycle to raise funds for charities (*cough* I have a donation page here).


I want to give as many updates as I can (especially as a thank you to those who donate!), so I figure it’s best to start with how training for the triathlon went!


Last year, some of my “friends” (why would they put me through it! :D) and I signed up to do a triathlon in the University of Limerick. It’s on the 3rd weekend in April each year and I needed to get into shape if I wanted any hope of finishing it, so I started exercising in January 2015. This gave me about 4 months to exercise, however, I took a month and a bit break from exercising (I honestly have no idea why!). So I signed up to the Ennis Duathlon in March that year; it was a run 7km, cycle 27km and run 4km. The idea was to motivate me to exercise again, to know the specific rules of participating in a race and to get better attire.

The proper attire for the Ennis Duathlon

I started the race in sweatpants and a hoodie because it was cold and it looked like it was going to rain (and I don’t like exercising in the rain!). The plan was after run 1 to switch into shorts and the t-shirt I was wearing underneath. However, by this stage I was already last by about 10 minutes! So I just rushed out on the cycle. Needless to say, I came last. At the end of the race, everyone was at the finishing line to cheer me on; that’s also the same time I found out that no other competitor could collect their bike until after all racers had finished. The guy who won had to wait longer for me to finish than it took him to do the race! It was quite embarrassing!

Well that gave me the motivation to train as best as I could for the triathlon. However, I still came last.

I started training for the triathlon around the start of January in 2016 with the aim of not coming last! So I started watching what I was eating (aiming for 1700 calories + calories burnt doing exercise) and exercising on a schedule. Below is a graph of my weight change (compared to the base line taken on the 27th of Dec 2015) and calorie excess (positive (if I go over 1700 calories + calories burnt doing exercise) and negative (if I eat under 1700 calories + exercise)) on the y-axis and days on the x-axis. It total it happened over 16 weeks.

To note, I’m using S Health as a guide for both what I ate (I didn’t weigh it so I estimated) and for exercise (calories burnt is an estimate). Typically I was doing 20 minutes on the rowing machine, 20km on the bike and then a run (if it wasn’t raining or cold!) about 3 to 4 times a week. I think for the adventure run it over estimated the calories burnt because I put it in as hiking (didn’t know what else to put it in as!). Also to note, that I never went under 1700 calories as 1600 was what I was recommended to eat to lose 2 pounds per week. Anything more than a 2 pound per week loss is unhealthy; so the idea was that I would lose under 2 pounds a week but would lose weight.


It seems to me that I was losing 1 pound a week so S health was over estimating the calories burnt doing exercise and I was overestimating the calories in the food I was eating. Also when I ate impacted what I weighted the next day (the later I ate the more I weighted the next day). In general I was losing 1 pound a week, until I started having relationship issues with my (now ex) girlfriend at the time. By day 84, or week 12, I essentially maintained my weight even though I was keeping up with exercise and calorie goals. I was actually surprised at how much of an impact a negative mentality can be. It impacted my drive and motivation but I figured keeping with the calories and the exercise routine it wouldn’t have impacted my weight as much as it did (mental health is important so help me raise funds for the Southwest Counselling Centre).

The triathlon itself went well and I didn’t come last! I think I got my fastest swim time and my fastest cycle time! By right I also got my fastest official run time, but I was hoping for an hour and 5 minutes, so I was a bit disappointed at my run time.


Always next year I guess!

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